Police Department threatens would be drunk drivers with Bieber commercial!

A Minnesota police department threatened to force drunken drivers to watch a Super Bowl ad […]

A Minnesota police department threatened to force drunken drivers to watch a Super Bowl ad featuring Justin Bieber. The police department in the city of Wyoming tweeted during the Super Bowl that anyone caught driving drunk Sunday night would be forced to watch Biebs the entire way to jail. Bieber starred in a T-Mobile ad doing his version of a celebratory end zone dance.  The original tweet was retweeted at least 10,000 times and liked at least 16,000. The department later tweeted thanks to everybody for spreading their message against drinking and driving. And he says his department made no drunken driving arrests Sunday night.


Donald Trump vs Tom Brady- What they eat!

What does the like’s of President Trump eat? Since winning the top job, he has cut out a lot of fast food…Trump now eats well-done steaks,crab, and shrimp and the occasional side salad or vegetable to go along with that hunk of red meat (cooked until gray). His beverage of choice- diet coke. For snacks on his plane, the president reportedly relies on Lay’s potato chips and Keebler Vienna Fingers.

So from Top job to top jock- What does Tom Brady eat? He’s 39 and has the stamina of a 25 year old… (Wifey much be very happy).. Their personal chef cooks the power couple and their 3 children 80% vegetables… and only the freshest veggies will do, but not organic….whole grains: brown rice, quinoa, millet, beans. The other 20 percent is lean meats: grass-fed organic steak, duck every now and then, and chicken; as well as mostly wild salmon.”


Lady Gaga World Tour announcement!

Following her Epic performance at the Superbowl, Lady Gaga announced a world tour! Tickets are on sale February 13th at 10am… The show stops in Toronto on September 6th at the ACC. Kool FM will have tickets.  Lady Gaga likely gained some new little monsters after her performance on Sunday night during the Superbowl. It is now officially the 2nd most watched in history with 117.5 million viewers! Only artist to gain more viewers? That would be Katy Perry in 2015 at 120.7 million. More people watched the halftime show than the game itself, which isn’t uncommon.


Did The Simpson’s predict the Lady Gaga performance at the Super Bowl!

Lady Gaga’s halftime performance from last night can now go on the long list of things that the show has weirdly predicted.  Back in 2012, during season 23, in the episode “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Mother Monster is suspended from the sky and descends down to the stage to play piano in a crazy costume. What makes this prediction even stranger, is the constellation of lights that formed a cowboy hat in the sky above Gaga in the episode. Weirdly enough, at the Super Bowl, a series of lights formed an American flag above her head as she began her performance.