Popularity of ‘BIG BREAST’ on online searches are starting to sag

And Millenials are the reason why

Newly released data suggests that millennial males are less interested in female breasts than prior generations…

PornHub, shows that the viewing habits of most young males had swayed considerably since the Internet entered the homes of most people over the last three decades.

According to PornHub, young males between the ages of 18 to 24 are nearly 20 per cent less likely to search for breast-related content then males in older generations.

Men raging from 55 to to 64 were 17 percent more likely to look for breast-related content.

Keywords, however, such as ‘Big natural boobs’ are still popular in the PornHub universe, ranking fourth among all searches on the site.

To put the stats in perspective, 1.5 per cent of all daily searches are breast-related, which still equates to millions of page views.

The data reflects online viewing habits only.