PornHub Says That Their Viewership Dropped Significantly During The Royal Wedding!

Prince Harry and Megan’s Royal Wedding was such a big deal, that people stopped everything they were doing to watch…

Including those who enjoy the website Pornhub! According to the adult company, there was a significant dip in their traffic on May 19th compared to a standard Saturday!

When the ceremony began, the site says worldwide traffic dropped by a fairly massive 10%. In the UK that drop was even bigger, with a decline of 21% during the ceremony.

And it didn’t stop there…After the Royal affair, people still stuck it out to watch the parade with Pornhub siting a 17% drop at 5 pm on Saturday evening which is usually prime time…

The wedding inspired a big jump in the number of Pornhub searches for Meghan Markle in the days before and after the wedding, with searches up 2812%.

Sadly, one in four people searching failed to spell Meghan Markle’s name correctly, instead of calling her ‘Megan Markle’ and ‘Megan Markel’. Have some respect, people.