Pregnant Woman’s Touching T-Shirt Goes Viral

Painful experience is more common & parents are sharing their stories...

The term “Rainbow Baby” is probably one you haven’t heard, unless you or someone close to you has been through it.

It’s the beautiful concept that a woman who has lost a baby, will once again become pregnant. It’s a life-changing tragedy that unfortunately is becoming more common, and was never really spoken about. However, lately more and more parents have been opening up and sharing their stories.

Courtney Mixon met Autumn Safle while shopping one day. Courtney noticed Autumn’s shirt, with a rainbow heart around her belly, with the words “You’re looking at a rainbow!”, and instantly she knew what that meant. 14333155_10154521215249133_334948121308187713_n-600x800-1

Courtney had her own experience of loosing a baby, she miscarried and is hoping to one day become pregnant again. She knew she had to say something to Autumn, and when she spoke up she said she loved her shirt, that it’s so taboo to talk about miscarriages, and that she was so proud of her for wearing it. The two strangers shared their stories, and said they would keep each other in their prayers, for Autumn’s baby’s continued health, and Courtney to one day conceive.

Courtney shared the picture of Autumn and her shirt on social media, with the caption “She’s such a beautiful woman and mommy!!! A complete stranger… Thank you Autumn for making me and my husband’s day! Please share this so maybe she can see how much she touched our hearts…” 

(Image Courtesy of Courtney Mixon/Facebook)