President Trump: What Does That Mean For Canada?

Political Correspondent Dr. Michael Johns Allays Some Fears

Americans have cast their ballot and elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States. Outside the USA, the result was predominantly met with shock, and in some circles, fear. We spoke with our political correspondent, Laurentian University’s Dr. Michael Johns to ask, should we be afraid?

He went on to say a Trump administration could threaten some long standing agreements with our neighbours.

With such a surprising result to yesterday’s election, many are taking a hard look at the American elections system, but it may not be enough to spur any progress on Canadian electoral reform.

Many have made comparisons between Trump and Canada’s Kellie Leitch, who is vying for the Conservative Leadership, using a “Canadian Values Test” as a tent pole in her bid. MP Leitch was quoted as saying Trump’s win is “an exciting message and one that we need delivered in Canada”, Dr. Johns says we shouldn’t expect similar results on this side of the border.

Presidential Inauguration Day is January 20th, 2017.