Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with 60 Minutes’ Lara Logan!

In a feature interview that can be seen as an easy-to-digest Coles Notes for Americans about […]

In a feature interview that can be seen as an easy-to-digest Coles Notes for Americans about Canada’s new young leader. The American reaction to the interview, which aired Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, was overwhelmingly positive, with many tweeting their desire to move to Canada (again).  This story is not for Canadians.

Rather, it’s a brochure for “what to expect when running away to Canada if Trump gets elected”. #60minutes Can we just have Justin Trudeau as our president can we share with Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau will be in Toronto today … He’s taking a field trip to the zoo!!! He’s attending a celebration with Premiere Kathleen Wynne to unveil the two giant pandas who were born last year. This is the cubs first public appearance. The zoo will also be announcing the top name choices for the cubs.


Tina Fey once had dog poop dumped in her daughter’s stroller. One day while she was standing outside a movie theatre near her home, some stranger decided to make her kid’s baby buggy a trash bin. (source, New York Daily News) “(The stroller) was parked and I saw him throw trash in my stroller and I was like, ‘Hey what are you doing throwing trash in my stroller?’ And I picked it up and it was a paper towel full of dog s— and I was like, ‘Hey!'”- Tine told an NY reporter….What makes this more personal for Tina is that she doesn’t like dogs….


Justin’s Purpose World Tour will kick off next week in Seattle, and now you have a chance to join him and dance on stage! Justin’s Tour Creative Director and Choreographer Nick Demoura explained the contest that will give four fans from each city on his tour, the chance to dance with him on stage…#purposetourchildren… You’ll need to learn the dance routine from his video ‘Children’ and the deadline to enter is soon… May 18, 2016 – Toronto, ON, Air Canada Centre
May 19, 2016 – Toronto, ON, Air Canada Centre


In case you missed it…. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes out on Digital HD on April 1 and DVD/Blu-Ray on April 5.


Disney will not make an “R” rating movie….

Deadpool is a Marvel Comics character. His blockbuster, record breaking movie ($293 Million so far…) was Rated R . Does that mean we’ll see more R-rated Marvel movies? Not necessarily. “Deadpool” was made by 20th Century Fox, but it’s Disney that owns most of the Marvel characters, including “The Avengers”.  And none of those movies are going above a PG-13. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently told shareholders, quote, “We don’t have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies.”