Prince George’s School Lunch Costs $24,000!

He'd lose his mind if he saw my kitchen pantry...

If this lil’ dude looked in my kitchen pantry the Honeycomb cereal, red licorice and Dunkaroos would make his eyes pop out. Considering he’s third in line of succession to the British Throne I wouldn’t expect him to have any of my bad eating habits.

Prince George is now attending a high priced London Prep School and I’ve got a little peak at his menu….

A sample menu of what George eats:

Mid-morning snack

Organic milk/water, mini Babybel with grissini wholewheat breadsticks


Soup of the day with freshly baked, organic brown/white baguette slice


Freshly prepared BBQ pork strips, steamed baby corn, carrots and mangetout, served with Mediterranean 50/50
cous cous and quino


Steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard