Prince’s unfinished memoir ‘The Beautiful Ones’ set to be released in the fall

The memoir is set for release on October 29th

Prince had been working on an unfinished memoir at the time of his death, and now The Beautiful Ones is set to be released on October 29th, 2019 as an exclusive partnership with the Prince Estate.


The book was first announced weeks before his death in 2016, and now Random House confirmed to The Associated Press that the book is set to be a combination of Prince’s incomplete manuscript alongside rare photographs, lyrics, and scrapbooks. The 288-page book will also feature an introduction by New Yorker writer and Prince collaborater Dan Piepenbring.

The Beautiful Ones is the deeply personal account of how Prince Rogers Nelson became the Prince we know,” Random House announced, according to AP News. “The real-time story of a kid absorbing the world around him and creating a persona, an artistic vision, and a life, before the hits and the fame that would come to define him.”