Prison Guards Charged With Cruelty For Playing Baby Shark To ‘Teach Inmates A Lesson’

Talk about a cruel and unusual punishment!

Newsweek is reporting that Oklahoma City prison guards Christian Miles and Greg Butler Jr. were charged this week with misdemeanor offenses including cruelty to prisoners, corporal punishment to an inmate and conspiracy, for allegedly making inmates listen to hours and hours of “Baby Shark.”


Supervisor Christopher Raymond Hendershott, 50, of Wellston, was charged for allegedly not stopping it when Miles and Butler allegedly left four inmates in a room at times in November and December 2019 while “Baby Shark” played loudly on a loop.


Their defense says they turned on the song as a joke and to “teach the inmates a lesson” following bad behavior in the jail.


The Worst Songs Ever as determined by Dale & Charlie!

Baby Shark!


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