Professional Cuddlers Offering Virtual Snuggles

It helps bridge the gap!

Snuggling a stranger or someone not in your bubble is still off-limits and that’s why professional cuddlers are turning to screen hugs as an alternative.

Just like many other businesses, professional cuddlers who make their living embracing strangers in a nonsexual way, have had a hard time offering up their services.

It appears, however, that the industry has found a way to offer their skills through a screen. (This is what is used to be like)

“There’s no substitution for human touch, but it definitely helps bridge the gap,” actor and writer Randy Wade Kelley, told the Guardian of a recent virtual cuddling session.

Here’s how the virtual cuddle works.  The one seeking the cuddle is asked to lie on his side with one arm stretched under his head and the other near his torso — simulating him holding himself.

While there is no substitution for human contact, this does appear to help some…