Promising Test Results For Some, Less So for Others

Catholic School Board Welcoming EQAO Review After Testing Shows Majority Not Meeting Standards

The results are in, and they’re looking better on some fronts.

Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office has released it’s latest batch of EQAO testing, and it shows there was an increase in the number of public school students meeting math standards.

Testing shows about 61% of Grade 3 students are meeting or exceeding provincial math standards, while the same is true for 44% of Grade 6 students; in both cases, a slight improvement over last year.

Alternately, 51 per cent of Simcoe Muskoka Catholic School Board’s Grade 3 students met that standard or surpassed it, 39 per cent of Grade 6 students can say the same.

This batch of testing results comes as the provincial government announces a widespread consultation and review of testing practices.

“We welcome the government’s proposed review because there seems to be a disconnect between how students are performing on these tests compared to the results we are seeing in other assessment areas,” said Brian Beal, the Catholic Board’s Director of Education. “We know that our teachers are doing an excellent job and that our students are working extremely hard – these scores in Grade six mathematics do not reflect the learning and achievement that takes place every day in our classrooms.”