Proposed South End Development Raises Concerns about Schools, Design, Traffic

Mix of townhomes, six-story buildings

More than a few concerns from local residents as Barrie City Council considers a new residential development in the south end next to the GO Station. Yonge Go Village would feature close to 1300 units in a mix of low-rise buildings as well as stacked, back-to-back and standard townhouses. There’s also a retail component and parkland. The development still needs zoning approval, which would allow for ten-storey buildings on the site. While the developer is proposing just six-storeys, nearby residents expressed concern Monday night such a rezoning would leave the door open to taller buildings. In addition, there were concerns about the impact on local schools, which are already bursting at the seams; increased traffic on Yonge Street and other residential streets in the area; and what the facade of the complex would look like as you drive into the city on Yonge. The developer suggested the design of the complex as a walkable community would make it attractive to people who do not own a car and the facade would consist of the front of homes (with parking in the back), as well as the balconies and windows from the six-story buildings. City staff will consider the rezoning request and design of the complex and report back to council in the spring.