Province providing funding to Toronto Police

PC Government providing $25 million to help combat drug, gun and gang-related violence.

The Province is kicking in funding for Toronto Police.

“It’s time to get serious about fighting guns and gangs”

“We’re sending a clear message to the violent criminals carrying out gun violence on our streets. We are letting them know that we are coming for them. We are giving our police the cutting-edge tools that they need to fight drug gangs and gun criminals in 2018”.

Premier Doug Ford, joined by Community Safety & Correctional Services Michael Tibollo as well as Attorney General Caroline Mulroney, unveiled 25 million dollars to help combat drug, gun and gang-related violence.

“Those who commit violent gun offences belong behind bars, and not on bail. These new resources will help keep the worst offenders off the streets and keep our neighbourhoods safe.”

The funding adds to the $76 million already earmarked for Toronto Police Service.

Among the highlights for the funding…

  • $7.6 million in assigning one legal SWAT team per courthouse to be located at each of Toronto’s provincial courthouses
  • $18 million to provide additional digital, investigative and analytical resources.

Premier Ford also called on the City of Toronto and the Federal Government to each match the funding.