UPDATE: Province Putting More Money Down on Local Hospitals

Six Regional Hospitals To Share in $13.3 Million in Funding

March 23rd – Barrie’s hospital will get about 6 and a quarter million bucks out of the money the province committed to healthcare. Royal Victoria Hospital is one of six medical centres in the region to get a share of the 822 million dollars announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne yesterday, while hospital CEO Janice Skot says it will go a long way.

While RVH will get the lion’s share of the $13.3 million committed to this region, five others will receive funds also. Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care will receive $2.51m, a $1.58m pledge to Georgian Bay General Hospital, Orillia’s Soldiers’ Memorial will get $1.25m, and around a million each for Collingwood G&M, and Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare. The money is expected to be in each hospital’s bank accounts as of April 1st.

March 22nd – The province today promised another 822 million dollars towards Ontario hospitals next year, on top of what’s already being spent. Premier Kathleen Wynne this morning highlighted how the 4.6 per cent increase in funding should provide better access to care, reduce wait times, and address capacity issues plaguing many hospitals including our own RVH. A budget expected to be handed down next week is expected to reveal how the liberals plan to pay for all this.