Province To Take Ottawa To Court Over Carbon Tax

Ontario Says Tax is Unconstitutional

Ontario’s newest Attorney General is taking a hard stand against the Federal Carbon Tax. Caroline Mulroney joined the Minister of the Environment today to announce it will fight a legal battle in the Ontario court of appeal, with the federal government over its carbon tax system. Mulroney says the tax is unconstitutional to Ontarians, and will fight a legal battle with the feds to that effect.

“The federal carbon tax will have its day in court. But it is already on trial among the families who will be forced to pay more for gas, home heating and everything else if the federal government gets its way,” said Mulroney. “Our message to Ontario families, businesses and workers worried about the carbon tax is this: The federal government may have abandoned you, but we never will.”

A timeline on how this challenge will play out is up to the court system. Interesting to note that the modern carbon tax, a plan to charge companies and households for the pollution they create,  is based on an environmental plan championed by Brian Mulroney’s government in the early 90’s.