Public School Board Disappointed In “Snitch” Site But Will Abide By Provincial Sex Ed Lesson Plan

Board Chair Wonders How Teachers Will Answer Some Questions Now


That’s the sense over at the Simcoe County District School Board today, after yesterday’s provincial announcement of a website allowing parents to report teachers not abiding by the official sex ed curriculum. Board Chair Peter Beacock says there are other avenues to go down before going to the government

“I would hope that parents would consider going to their teachers and their principals at their schools first, before sending something off directly to a so-called snitch line.”

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Beacock says teachers with the School Board will be instructed to abide by the provincially prescribed sexual education curriculum as the consultation process continues, but wonders what some teachers will do when presented with questions not covered by it.

“Typically a teacher would go on to do some explination and teach the whole class some of these things. I’m not sure how that will get handled now, because they’re going to have to be so careful with this whole snitch thing in the back of their minds.”

Meanwhile, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association announced it has filed suit against the Provincial Government over its handling of the sex ed curriculum.