Puppy Patios Are Gaining Popularity in Canada

Your pup wants to hang out for a cold one too, but there are rules...

It’s more than likely you’ll end up on a few patios during the Kool Days of Summer, shouldn’t your dog join you?

El Cortez in Edmonton has officially just opened their puppy patio the first of its kind in the City for doggy lovers.

As you might expect there are some rules for pet owners to follow:

  • Dogs must be well-behaved 
  • If one gets out of control, its owners and the dog will be asked to leave
  • Aggressive breeds, such as German shepherds, pit bulls and Rottweilers, must be muzzled
  • To keep food uncontaminated, servers aren’t allowed to touch or clean up after dogs and water dishes cannot be cleaned in the same dishwasher used for human patrons
  • Dogs aren’t allowed to enter the restaurant, and must go straight to the patio

Vancouver has long been known as a dog-friendly City so puppy patios are a little more common…

Should Barrie have a puppy patio??