Purell Says It Has ‘Dramatically Increased Production’ On Hand Sanitizer

If you walk down any aisle of any store right now, chances are you’ll see empty shelves where the hand sanitizer used to be.

Rising concerns over coronavirus are to blame, and as the public’s attempts to go germ-free.  This is leading to a huge spike in demand for products like hand sanitizer.


As a result, Purell revealed that it has “dramatically increased production” to keep up with the increased demand.

But while it may seem out of the ordinary, the company, Gojo Industries, reveals demand is “still below historic levels” when compared with previous outbreaks.


Still, NBC reports that hand sanitizer sales have increased by 300% in the last week with many stores issuing limits per customer so that there’s enough to go around.


The limit doesn’t just pertain to sanitizer – it encompasses several hygienic products including hand soap, rubbing alcohol, facials masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, tissues, and bleach.


Costco was even short on toilet paper as people began stocking up “just in case.”