Put The Phone Down

Distracted driving number one cause of crashes in Ontario

Police will be out in force this holiday weekend clamping down on distracted drivers in particular. OPP have released stats showing inattentive driving has been a bigger factor in crashes this year than speed, drugs and alcohol combined. More than 6-thousand collisions due to distraction, and 47 deaths – up from 39 at this point last year. If you’re doing the driving, put the phone down, keep it out of arm’s reach and pull over if you have to need to use it. If you’re a passenger, and the driver is on his or her phone, voice your concerns. “Our collision data is compelling evidence that drivers who text, talk on their cell phone or are distracted in some other way, take a tremendous toll on the safety of those who share the road with them. Public complacency about inattentive driving can be just as dangerous as the behaviour itself. Until drivers, passengers and the general public take a firm stand against this road safety issue, these tragedies are expected to continue in large numbers on our roads.” – J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes, OPP Commissioner