Question Period Goes Ahead Wednesday Following Tuesday Tussle

PC Government Stands By Claim That An NDP MPP Mocked a Conservative's Accent

Question period went ahead as per usual at Queen’s Park today, after a ruckus yesterday put a hold on it. Conservative House Leader Todd Smith says questions will be answered today, after his government refused to do so yesterday.

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over allegations an NDP MPP mocked the accent of a conservative one during question period yesterday, despite the claim not being seen or heard on cameras and microphones recording at the time, but Smith stands by the claim.

“All I can tell you is the members that heard it are 100% certain of what they heard, they’re standing by that. We just think the simple thing to do, and the right thing to do, was to stand at that moment and apologize.”

While the subject did come up during question period today, it came with reassurance from all sides that racism isn’t tolerated within the legislature or the province.