Quick Change Scam Hits Georgian Mall

Suspect befuddles cashier

Some sleight of hand left a clerk at a shop in Georgian Mall in a tizzy. A customer paid for a pair of socks with a $100 bill. As the clerk made completed the transaction this fella asked for change of some other bills. The end result, say police, is he left the store with more money than he went in with – and a pair of socks that weren’t paid for. The suspect is described as:

  • Male, black (45 to 50 yrs.)
  • Medium build
  • Was wearing a white t-shirt under a jean shirt, blue jeans and running shoes

Anyone with information is asked to Constable Trollope of the Barrie Police Service at 705-725-7025, ext.2694, rtrollope@barriepolice.ca, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

The quick change scam targets inexperienced employees/cashiers by paying for small priced items with large bills. In some instances suspect(s) work in teams of two where one suspect handles the money exchange while the second suspect acts as the distraction. To avoid being a victim of the scam, only complete the transaction for the purchase then close the cash register. If the customer is asking to exchange bills be wary of the scam and contact a manager before engaging in further interactions.