Radical Scheme May Improve Traffic Flow at Highway 400 and Mapleview

Already in place near Power Centre Plazas in U.S.

There may be relief soon along Mapleview Avenue at the 400 in Barrie. At his Chamber of Commerce luncheon today, Mayor Jeff Lehman described a draft proposal being floated out by the Ministry of Transportation to turn the interchange into what’s known as a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)…

You have to see it to really understand it, and it may take a couple of run-throughs before you get your head around it (see video below). Again, it is just a draft proposal at this stage. A public information centre is planned for early February. If this DDI gets the go ahead, Lehman says it could be built quickly and easily working around the existing infrastructure. There are more than 60 of these interchanges in place in the U.S. Many near power centres similar to Park Place and the Walmart Plaza.

banner image: DDI in Calgary