Random Downtown Barrie Act Of Kindness

Twitter User Details Generous Act

An eyewitness testimony today of a random act of kindness in Barrie.

A tweet detailing the interaction went out today, from one Dave Hamilton on his way to work.

The tweet details how he witnessed two people give a barefoot homeless man some shoes. The motive behind this move isn’t known but sure warmed Hamilton’s heart.

“It is people like that who make Barrie a great city to live in & keep faith in humanity alive”

The Smile Project

We see random acts of kindness all over the world, in fact, Random Acts of Kindness is dedicated to sharing these stories to make it the new norm.

“When Claire Lemmel saw that people in her San Francisco neighborhood weren’t connecting as they walked by each other on the streets, she decided to put kindness in action … and her smile on a giant poster! Her kindness and smile are now inspiring hundreds of people on her daily walks.”

The Muffin Men

There are also these guys known as the muffin men.

Meet Frank, John and Jack three “Muffin Men” who are turning retirement into an opportunity to distribute food and kindness to those in need.