Raptors Fans Say Sorry by Donating to KD’s Charity

Is it too late to say sorry? Nope!

Game 5 was exciting, with the final minutes of the game looking like it could go either way. In the end, the Warriors took the game by one point.

But, the big story after the game was how the usually sooo polite Canadians cheered and waved gleefully as Golden State’s star Kevin Durant, his first game back after 4 weeks off with mild calf strain, left the game grabbing his Achillies tendon.


Some fans are saying that the crowd was cheering the great turnover that happened just as Durant had to limp off, but video shows some fans cheering and waving at him as he sat on the court floor grabbing his tendon. The cheers did change, though, to “KD KD” and fans rose to their feet in respect and clapped as he left.
Nevertheless, the initial reaction has disappointed many other Raptors fans.



Fans have since been apologizing, not just online, but, in one case, actual flowers and a handwritten note sent to the warriors.


And now, there are at least two Toronto fans who are asking other fans to donate to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation (KDCF) in order to say sorry.

One is a website, SorryKD.com,  that links you to the KDCF page to donate.

The other is a GoFund Me page set up by Hamzah Moin, who has been featured for this on Sportsnet and 680News, and who has also run annual charity drives for different hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area.

Screenshot of the fundraising campaign at 1:10pm June 12, 2019

If you want to help show just how sorry Canadian fans are, you can donate, too!