Re-call on McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and not just because they suck!

Happy Meal Toys We Wish They'd Bring Back

McDonald’s is pulling their latest Happy Meal toy, the Activity Trackers, due to poor quality and reports of Skin Abrasions on kids wrists as a result.

Instead of looking for new ideas, why not bring back some old school toys….Tried, tested and true… Parents will want them too….I’d buy extras….

Here are the Happy Meal Toys we wish they’d bring back:

Fast Macs- 1985

the fast macs

Little heads popping out of wind-up cars—they’re annoying, they’re sharp, and you probably shot them into your parents’ legs until they threw them away. Then it was on to the next one.


Tiny Toons- 1992
Tiny Toons

Perfect for driving your parents insane, these wind-ups had clear domes where little balls would dance magically for you while you played. They also made a hell of a lot of noise. The individuals who designed toys for McDonald’s were all childless.

Which was your favourite Happy Meal toy?

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