Your Childhood Favs Are Back!

Mr. Dressup, Ready or Not and many more are now on Youtube!

Until now, the only Mr. Dressup shows you could find were on DVD, in a box set called Tickle Trunk Treasures, that included excerpts of various episodes … or on that VHS your mum recorded in 1990!

Well, now, rejoice, Mr. Dressup fans! Episodes of the wonderful children’s show are being added everyday to a new Youtube channel called encore+.

That’s not the only Canadian childhood classic that you can find on encore+.

Ready or Not and Are You Afraid of the Dark? are some of the shows you can finally watch again!

Plus, newer shows like Little Mosque on the Prairie are there as well! They are adding new content daily.

So, where did encore+ come from, anyway? It’s a collaboration between the Canadian Media Fund and Google.

Canada Media Fund CEO, Valerie Creighton, tells METRO, “We discovered that there are about 22,000 titles of Canadian content, financed by the public sector, that was not available to the public because it was stuck in analog.” So, they are converting the shows to high-quality digital and putting them on the Youtube channel.

According to METRO, “Over the past three years, YouTube has seen a 400 per cent increase in watch time for Canadian broadcaster content, with 90 per cent of that coming from outside of Canada.”

Now, not only can Canadians watch some of their old favourites, people around the world can get a taste of Canadian TV and movies, too. And, that’s wonderful!

What show would you love to see on this new channel? I would love to see The Smoggies again!