Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend

What, you mean you didn't get my sarcasm?

Everyone has a sarcastic person in their life, and here’s why you should appreciate them!


 They won’t sugarcoat things.

Sarcastic people keep it real, so to speak.  They’re not afraid to give you a verbal slap in the face if you’re acting a fool and really deserve it.  It’s not often that they’ll sugarcoat things.  You should expect to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

They’ll never get offended.

In the same way that your sarcastic best friend will give you what you deserve, they can take it right back.


They make you think outside the box.

Sarcastic friends don’t just call you on your BS, but they call out your insecurities and push you to think outside the box and get outside of your comfort zone.


They’ve always got your back.

They make a great wing man/woman.  Sarcastic people are just plain funny.


They never filter themselves.

Having a best friend with no filter sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, but that lack of a filter may be your best possible ally. Sarcastic people tend to fend off the jerks, the narcissists, the abusers, and the manipulators.