Reason’s why Sundays Suck

When you’re a parent…

Remember before the kids came, your Sunday’s were reserved for whatever you wanted? Sleeping in, perhaps a little shopping and an occasional visit to your parents house- but only if they were feeding you.   Fast forward to now- You have kids; Sunday’s suck!



Yup, that’s right; your little angles get up before 7! If they are now old enough to get up on their own, they wake you up anyways because its very important that they tell you that they need to pee or that Paw Patrol is on.

It’s not enough that they have homework in grade 4 that’s above your knowledge level, but its also a fight to get them to do it. You throw threats around until they garner enough resentment towards you to actually do it. Then, there you are- on google; trying to figure out if they did it right…


You’ve put it off all week; and now its go time. At least 3 loads and none of its yours. You have the extremely dirty, what the hell is that stain Load. The school clothes load and then the sports gear load.

You’re forced to watch the worst movie ever- 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back



Enough said



You figure, we’re all home together at the same time- We should have a nice dinner. You run to the grocery store- prep and cook your epic meal and at least one kid doesn’t want to eat it.



You’ve given them a pass on bathing for the weekend, because let’s face it- its too much effort. Now the tub has rings of dirt around it, which you will have to clean.