Regular Visitor Leaves Over Four Million To Simcoe County Museum

Charles Matthews Wills Money to Museum

A man known to be a regular at the Simcoe County Museum is still leaving his mark there, despite having passed away. Representatives of the estate of Charles Matthews were at the museum today, to present a bequest in the amount of $4,438,000. It has been asked the money go towards legacy projects, restoration and retention, and the acquisition of artifacts. Matthews, the owner of his own moving company, was instrumental in moving many heritage buildings from around Simcoe to the museum grounds, and participating in exhibits by showing off his historic and rare collection of steam equipment.

Left to right – Sheila Craig (Museum Advisory Committee Member), Ron Worboy (Estate Lawyer), Kelley Swift-Jones (Museum Curator), Warden Gerry Marshall, Ian Chadwick (Museum Advisory Committee Member), David Snedden (Museum Advisory Committee Member).