Remember Dickie Dee Bikes? They’re on the Street Again

A Peterborough couple re-launched their own...

Not every neighbourhood had Ice Cream Trucks, instead many had Dickie Dee Bikes!

I can hear the bells ringing, it was the official sound of summer for kids.

A couple last summer in Peterborough re-launched the same idea on the streets. It’s called Pedal Parlor Co.


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Bring on the warm weather!!!! #summer #icecream #dickiedee #frozentreats #bike #bicycle #kawarthanow #kawartha #ptbo #peterborough

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Their frozen treat bicycles just returned last weekend for the first time out in 2019.

These Pedal Parlor Co. bicycles may look like the old Dickie Dee bikes but they do offer some “new generation” options for people.

I think the streets of Barrie could use them too!