Rent a Granny!

Remember the smell of grandma's kitchen? Now you can relive it!

Everyone knows that grandmas make the best grub. And one company is Paris is bringing that food made with love to you!

Nobody makes a crumble the way your grandma can. Nobody does Christmas dinner like your grandma. Nobody can out-bake your grandma.  And when you move or they pass away, you can find yourself craving those nostalgic dishes of your childhood. But there’s nothing you can do about it – you might try and recreate their recipes but they’re just not the same.
Lou Papé is a service which allows comfort-food lovers to hire a grandma to come to their homes and cook for them.  You can choose from a range of retirees and senior home chefs who’ll cook you a slap-up meal from scratch.  The grandmas will even wash the dishes and put them away for you – leaving you to get on with your evening.

And if you miss actually cooking with and learning from your gran, then Lou Papé also offer the chance to have one-on-one cooking classes with grandmas.  It’s a win win!

Not only is this great for time-poor millennials who perhaps lack the skills to knock up nutritious, quick dinners but it’s also a way of dealing with ageing loneliness.

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