Researchers Reveal The Most Stressful Number Of Children You Can Have

Mom's are stressed out about being stressed out!

Growing up as an only child, I used to wish I had a sibling to play with, especially in the summer when there wasn’t much to do.

As a mother of two boys now, I often struggle with the fighting, wrestling and meanness they can have towards each other-wondering if this is all normal.

But what is the actual number of children to have that is said to be the most stressful?  A study asked 7,000 US mothers to find out this answer!  And the magic number is 3!

According to this study, a mother of 3 kids is stressed out way more than those of us with two or even one!

Interesting, a mother of four was generally the least stressed of us all!

So why is four kids the ideal number to have?  According to Dr Janet Taylor, a New York based psychiatrist who says that the more kids you have, the more likely you are to let the little things go.  Also the more kids you have- the more confident you become in your parenting abilities…

(I’ll take their word on this one)