Restaurant Is Giving Away Free Roll Of TP With Every Meal!

Would you like a side of toilet paper with that?

A restaurant in Maine is preparing to close for a couple of months and is giving away a free roll of TP with every “Family Meal.”

A post on The Red Barn’s Facebook page from the owner, Laura Benedict, who’s holding two boxes of toilet paper says, “Laura’s going to give COVID the ‘1-2’ punch!” the post said. “We’re putting a roll of toilet paper in with every Family Meal! While supplies last!”

According to the local television station WMTW, the Red Barn bought more than 500 rolls of toilet paper “in the wake of new COVID-19 restrictions” specifically to give to customers before the restaurant closes on Nov. 22.

Benedict announced that the Red Barn would be closed until early next year in a Facebook video on Friday, saying that she’s temporarily closing so she won’t put her customers at risk.