Reusable Toilet Paper – It’s A Thing

This is 2018 people

It sounds weird, I know but apparently it’s a thing.

People who are trying their best to be eco-friendly, save money and all that good stuff are trying out reusable toilet paper. You can buy them online, and it is usually a super soft cloth (like baby blankets and stuff), you can even make your own and up-cycle some old fabrics.

I just have a hard time imagine doing a load of laundry full of pee dabbed, poop streaked cloths.

Would you make the switch?

The ‘Family Cloth’ Movement Is Growing Online-Would You Ever Try Reusable Toilet Wipes?

Saving Mother Earth is a team effort. Most of us try to participate in reducing waste as best we can, by doing small things like drinking from reusable water bottles, using cloth towels instead of paper towels and even air-drying our clothes instead of using the dryer. But some people