Rich People Are More Likely To Socially Distance

It doesn't seem fair

People making more than $230,000 per year are up to 54% more likely to engage in pandemic safety measures put in place by the government! 


Thanks to better health care access, job stability, and a cushy home, the wealthy are socially distancing at higher rates than low-income households.


While all members of the population have changed some behaviours, those who make a cushy income were more likely to stick to it!

Logistics have a lot to do with it also, as researchers say that typically higher-earning white-collar folks are more likely to have the option of working from home — a critical factor in their social distancing metrics. Anyone with the ability to telework was 24% more likely to respond affirmatively to questions regarding social distancing.


Regardless of income, those fortunate enough to have a yard or park nearby were also 20% more likely to maintain safe distances.


The study also revealed a gender disparity — that women are 23% more likely to distance than men.