Rotten Tomatoes Names Their Top 25 Modern Christmas Classics of All Time

There's a lot of choices!

There are so many Christmas movies, most of the classics are 30 years old at least, but Rotten Tomatoes has created a new list highlighting some new holiday flicks that are equally worthy of our attention over the festive season!


As their website explains, “We compiled this list of modern Christmas classics using a very simple set of criteria: the movies had to be about Christmas or set firmly during the holiday; they had to have been released after the year 2000, and they had to have a Fresh score with a minimum of 20 reviews. Some are titles you will no doubt be familiar with, movies from the earlier years of the 21st Century that have already assumed the “classic” label in the ensuing years – we’re looking at you Elf and the ever-divisive Love Actually. Others are Certified Fresh gems that have gone totally under-appreciated in our opinions.”


Here are the Top 10


Un Conte De Noel (A Christmas Tale) 2008-#10

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 2005-#9

Better Watch Out 2017-#8

Tokyo Godfather 2003-#7

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 2010-#6

Arthur Christmas 2011-#5

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 2020-#40

Klaus 2019-#3

Carol 2015-#2

Tangerine 2015-#1

All top ten titles scored between 86%-96% on the Rotten Tomatoes reviews…

Check out the full list here!