Russell Crowe’s Jock Strap Is NOT for Sale As Last Two BlockBusters In Alaska Close!

Even nostalgia can't help the video chain!

The last BlockBusters have closed for good in the States- with two locations are in Alaska! Everything is for sale, except for one thing- Russell Crowes Jock Strap from his 2005 movie Cinderella Man must go!

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight on HBO sent a bunch of Russell Crowe Memorabilia in an effort to attract people to the last remaining BlockBusters…Sadly- the Jockstrap wasn’t enough to keep people interested!

John Oliver bought the items at what Crowe had called “the divorce auction.” With the closure of these BlockBusters means that there is only one left in the US in Bend, Oregon!

And to think, BlockBuster could have it all… They were originally offered to purchase Netflix for $25 Million!