UPDATE: RV In The Driveway? A Boat? Council Committee Says No To Ban

Packed house at city hall for public meeting


A passionate bunch packed Barrie City Hall Tuesday night for the discussion about a possible ban on parking RVs, boats and other sports vehicles in driveways. Many were opposed to the plan, some citing the cost of storage elsewhere. When the night was done, committee members opted not to pursue a ban at this time. City Council will make the final call at an upcoming meeting.


Some call them an eyesore, others a nuisance, some cite them as a safety factor – RVs, boats and other recreational vehicles parked in driveways for extended periods of time. The city of Barrie is holding a public meeting tonight for input on a proposed bylaw amendment that would prohibit the parking of such vehicles for extended periods in front yards and in sideyards next to a street. The exception would be for 72 hours each calendar month to allow for maintenance, loading or unloading. Tonight’s meeting is at 7 pm in the council chamber.

image via kensingtowners.com