RVH Better Than Average At Imaging Wait Times

A 45 Day Wait for MRI Scan, 15 Days for CT

RVH says its imaging wait times are better than average. The Barrie hospital today announced, thanks to a $700,000 funding injection last year, it has been able to cut wait times for CT and MRI scans to below the provincial average. It went from a 159 day wait to 45 to get an MRI, while you’d only have to wait 15 days for a CT scan now. “We know waiting for a scan that may provide diagnoses to a number of health issues, injuries and cancers can be a very stressful and unsettling time,” says Dr. Chris Guest, chief of Imaging Services. “By reducing these wait times, we are not only alleviating stress for the patient and their families, but it allows us to get the patient on the most appropriate treatment path in a timelier fashion.”