Ryan Reynolds…Good old Canadian Boy

You won't want to miss SNL on April 15th and a woman was jailed for playing Ed Sheeran on Repeat really loud!

Ryan Reynolds may have relocated to the US, but his roots are still firmly planted on Canadian soil. The Deadpool star recently revealed what his most Canadian attribute is, and his answer is very, well, Canadian.  Speaking to Elle, Ryan admitted “You may be able to dig up a lot of sources who will deny this, but I’m polite. Generally, I care for other people. I always say ‘excuse me,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘I’m sorry.’”


Set your PVR’s

April 15th on SNL- set those PVR’s as Jimmy Fallon will host and Harry Styles will be the musical guest!


Trading Spaces will return to TLC

According to TLC’s president and general manager, Nancy Daniels, it was the network’s “most successful and most iconic series” (statement via Fox News) and it’ll be back in 2018 – 10 years after it went off the air. No other details are known at this time.


Oops! A woman in England received an 8-week jail sentence after she played Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You”…on repeat…for 30 minutes…really loud.

Naturally, her neighbour complained. According to the Daily Mail, the judge said there was “a wholly unacceptable level of disturbance through loud noise involving music, shouting, swearing and banging – time and time again – emanating from [the woman’s] home.” This isn’t the first time the woman’s been in trouble, as she’s “already been jailed once for creating a nuisance.”