Ryan Reynolds Is In Lockdown With Five Women!

And he's loving it!

And no, this isn’t the plot of a new rom-com.  Ryan is in self-isolation with her wife, Blake Lively, her mom and their three daughters.  Ryan has been communicating about self isolation to his fans saying on the matter; 

“Yeah it’s nothing but estrogen, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Ryan explains; 

“I grew up in a house full of boys and men and, you know, I remember it clearly. At eight years old, I knew how to patch and repair drywall in under 10 minutes, because we were just little homicidal maniacs. The cops were called to our house more often than I could count on both hands. And, unfortunately, my father, who was a cop, once in a while it would be him that came to the door.

“So yeah, I love being under a roof of nothing but women and girls,” added Reynolds. “It is a softer existence. There has been absolutely no instance of violence — other than my one daughter trying to scratch my other daughter’s eyes out a few minutes ago. But otherwise, it’s been a perfectly low-resting-heartbeat-type of vibe around here.”


Ryan joked that he may be surviving quarantine better than most, thanks to gin!  Reynolds is part owner of Aviation Gin and says its been most helpful during this pandemic.

Ryan and his family appear to be doing what everyone else is doing…. Home schooling, baking, gardening and of course- rocking the sweatpants.

Ryan has also been keeping busy re-writing a script (no word on if its Deadpool 3) and also donating a lot of cash to the pandemic efforts.