Salt-N- Pepa Star Sandra Denton Sues Over Botched Butt Surgery!

She’s Not Pushing It Real Good!

Pepa was injured in a July 2018 car accident, which affected her previous butt implants, leaving her in extreme discomfort.


Pepa turned to a veteran plastic surgeon for help to have them completely removed.  Denton is now suing her cosmetic surgeon for negligence, saying that he botched a series of operations on her backside.


In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Denton claims she originally wanted to have the implants completely removed, but Sayah allegedly convinced her to simply replace them with smaller silicone inserts.


Pepa says as a result of this surgery, another one was performed making it uncomfortable and hard for her to do her job. 

As a result of the doctor not performing the full removal of the implants and some liposuction, Pepa had to seek other medical advice due to constant pain in her ass!