Saskatchewan Government Refuses To Allow Man’s Last Name As A Vanity Plate!

So He Takes Matter’s Into His Own Hands…

Dave Assman is proud of his family name! So much in fact, that he wanted  an “Assman” vanity licence plate!  

But when the government denied his request- Dave had an oversized decal designed to replicate the plate in question and then placed the decal on the tailgate of his white Dodge Ram pickup truck.

To be clear, the name Assman is pronounced OSS-men.  Either way this name must have been rough as a kid.

This isn’t the first time Assman tried for a personalized licence plate, he tried back in the 90’s but then too, the application was rejected sighting “profanity.”  His recent request was rejected on the grounds that it was “offensive.”

According to the National Post; 

SGI, like all provincial authorities responsible for vanity plates, refuses any application that has even a whiff of sexuality, drug references, politics or religion. Its list of rejected vanity plates runs to 85 pages.