Save Money This Valentine’s Day By Not Celebrating On The 14th!

Being in love can be expensive on Valentine’s Day.

There are flowers, restaurants and gifts- if you’re extra!

Dinner can be very costly on V day with MoneyWise reporting that the average bill is about $99,84 for two people.

On a normal you can get a delivered sit-down meal for about $20 per person, according to Forbes.

In 2019, Business Insider reported that the average American between the age of 35-44 would spend about $279.14 on Valentine’s Day in total, while people aged 25-34 would spend slightly less, at $239.07.


BUT, there is a way to enjoy all that is Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank- if you don’t care about the date you celebrate.

Experts recommend waiting until after Feb.14th to celebrate.  Restaurants usually go back to regular menus and prices after Feb. 14th, also Valentine’s Day merchandise prices are reduced to clearance.

The night after the holiday has come to be known as Singles Awareness Day, but that doesn’t mean couples have to sit it out.