It's cheaper and means more!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with love in the air- so too is anxiety!  

Performance anxiety is a big deal this time of year with a quarter of people feeling pressure to celebrate the day of love in a big way- then posting it for all to see on social.

Everyone wants everyone to know how awesome they are at love… Some relationship experts are suggesting to post to social with a perfect kiss this Valentine’s Day, rather than showing off presents.

Experts say, that affection is the number one language of love- nothing beats a kiss to show a connection or bond.

“Kissing makes us feel happy, positive and less stressed because the pleasurable act of kissing releases endorphins and oxytocin.”

If you are planning on showing your person just how much you cherish them with a kiss there are some things you should be aware of…

For example, make sure you don’t have bad breath- cause that’s gross.  Also smooch wreckers: “Weird noises and too much saliva.” 

Make sure you’re doing it right, as research also shows that kissing couples tend to live longer.


Kissing is free and can go a long way….

Canadians will be spending around $76 on Valentine’s gifts, according to survey.

Topping lists of wants: 30% are hoping for a meal out, followed by 13% wanting flowers, 11% a gift card, 10% tickets to an event and money is it for 8%, while travel resonates with 6%.