School Experiment Shows Students The Effects Of Not Washing Their Hands…

If this doesn’t get the point across, not sure what will!

It was a month-long classroom experiment by two teachers at Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, using moldy bread to show the kids the importance of washing their hands.

The teachers took five pieces of white bread from one loaf and had students handled each slice in a specific way.

One piece was touched with dirty hands, one with washed hands- using soap and water, another was touched using hand sanitizer, one slice was used to wipe down a Chromebook and the last piece was completely untouched.

Each piece of bread was put into its own zip lock and tightly sealed, labeled and left alone for four weeks…

And the results are pretty gross!

The teachers’ posted the nasty results on Facebook, where its since gone viral with over 63,000 shares.

As we are into cold and flu season- best wash your hands with soap and water!