Schreiner Rallies Green Party Troops In Barrie

"I want friends at Queen's Park"

Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner told the party faithful in Barrie today he’s “sick and tired” of Premier Doug Ford wasting tax dollars on “frivolous lawsuits and petty political battles with the federal government and the City of Toronto.”

I’m happy to go back to Queen’s Park today and fight for your charter rights.  

Schreiner, speaking to the party’s convention, said Ford is a premier who has declared war on the modern world: trampling on local democracy, introducing a sex ed curriculum that takes us back to the last century, ripping up contracts, cancelling the guaranteed income. he said Ford is putting petty political gains ahead of the people of Ontario.

Schreiner told party members he has three priorities moving forward: “organize, organize, organize” challenging them to go back to their ridings to engage and empower members of their communities, get them to sign petitions and call their MPPs, to stand up and speak out.

I want friends at Queen’s Park

Doing that, he said, would ensure there are more Green Party MPPs in the legislature after the next election.

banner image via Mike Schreiner/Twitter

WATCH: Schreiner’s full speech, courtesy Young Greens of Ontario/Facebook