Science Has Finally Found Out How Many Hot Dogs Humans Can Eat At Once


We watch those hot dog eating contests and usually gag at the idea of eating more than 3, however, how many hot dogs could a person eat without exploding?


The current world record holder for most hot dogs eaten in one sitting is Joey Chestnut, who managed to scarf down 75 in ten minutes, living up to his ‘Jaws’ nickname.

Science has figured it out.  The answer is 84; my god!


The scientists studied the annual hot dog eating contest and ‘gut capacity’ to figure out just how many dogs a person could eat before causing severe complications.  Just to be clear, the scientists wanted to see how many dogs a competitive eater could get down. 


They’re looking at the limit of human performance rather than ways you can ruin your family barbecue by powering through the contents of the grill.