Science Proves That Microwaves Suck At Almost Everything!

It’s a staple in most homes, one of those modern conveniences that everyone uses!

We know that heating stuff up on the stove or in the oven is way better, but who can be bothered when Mr. Microwave can do it in seconds. But whether you can’t live without it or not, science has now proven that microwaves suck.


New research examined the way microwaves heat vessels of liquid compared to other heating methods like a kettle or stove and it found that the microwave is a sad alternative.

The research explains, 

When you heat water on a stovetop, for example, it’s heated by convection. Hot water from the bottom of the cup or kettle moves upward, circulating the water and resulting in a liquid that is evenly heated when you remove it from the heat source.

However, things are a lot different in the microwave according to the research. The microwave doesn’t circulate the water when it heats up.  Makes sense since when you remove a warmed up dish- the dish is hot but not always the liquid or food.

You can fix the problem but it sounds like a lot of work.  The researchers say to use a thin sliver plating on the rim of the glass.

Too complicated.  Enjoy your microwave!