Science Says That Humans Are Fatter Than Elephants

Basically, elephants have less junk in their trunks compared to humans….

A new US study has found that elephants in captivity pack less fat than the average human.


A scientist that was doing research on obesity in captive elephants says that the mammals have less body fat than the average overweight human.


Scientists wanted to know if obesity had anything to do with the lower birth rates that captive elephants experience, along with shorter life spans and other health issues compared with their wild counterparts.


To determine the ratio of blubber in the tuskers, the researcher and her team strapped jumbo-sized fitness monitors to the ankles of 35 female Asian elephants and nine male Asian elephants from nine zoos across the US and Canada.


They found that male elephants carried 8.5% body fat and females roughly 10%, markedly less than healthy human percentages, which range anywhere from 6% to 31%.